Hoan Kiem Lake and Old Quarter area: Popular and Fun


hoan-kiem-lakeWhen travelers ask local people or tour guides where they can find the most various types of traditional Vietnamese gifts to purchase as souvenirs, most of them will receive a�?Hoan Kiem Lakea�? and a�?The Old Quartera�? as the answer. The reason is that this is the most exciting tourist area in Hanoi where attracts a huge number of foreigner tourists to visits every day, so there are numerous souvenir and present shops located in this area.

International travelers are easily caught wandering around this area all day and night to visit and explore the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake and the ancient houses in the Old Quarter, and also to purchase some souvenirs to bring home as a memory of this charming city.

Especially in the evening when some popular shopping streets in this area like Hang Ngangand Hang Dao turn to walking streets, more foreigners come to those crowded and busy streets to merge with local people lines and enjoy the amazingly exciting atmosphere of these places.


Photo: Fruits market at the rear of Hanoi Old Quarter at night

Beside Hang Ngang and Hang Dao Streets, Bao Khanh, Hang Gai, Luong Van Can or Hang Can are also favorite locations for buying souvenirs. It can be ensured that souvenirs and gifts in this area are not only greatly diverse in types with hundred kinds of traditional Vietnamese items but also ingenious as they are mostly handicraft products made by skillful hands of experienced artists in famous vocational villages in Hanoi.

However, foreigners purchase items in this area might have to endure significantly more expensive price than local people. That is the result of high rental cost of those shops in central position of the city, and also perspective of local vendors that international travelers always have cash Be prepared to bargain!

What to buy:
Ly Quoc Su Street: Unique T-shirts with “I love Uncle Ho” and the like
Gia Ngu Street: Quality underwears at reasonable price
Bao Khanh Street: CDs and DVDs on latest TV shows at a reasonable price
Luong Van Can Street: kids’ toys and other decorative items.


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