The old quarter tour

The old quarter tour

I had an old quarter tour with four guests but it doesn’t matter. Because they are friendlyand funny. They want to discover around the world together. ThatdayA�i took them to visit the old quarter

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Picked up

I came to the hostel on time and sat in the lobby to wait for my guest. I got the email from Ms A?A? (Tour operator). She informed that i had tookA�the tourA�with a person who comes from Chile. After 10 minutes, my guest appeared at the hostel lobby. I was so surprised because it was not one person,my guest with three other boys. I didn’t know how she with three males to become friends,they were not the same country, hostel(3 men stayed at other hotel). Maybe she was like fragrant flowers the boys wants to caught.
She was a student from CHILE, and three her friends also were the students from Mexico. She showed me: They got acquainted each other When traveling to the Philippines and meeting each other. Foreigner life was so really really easy.It was not too hard to contact the girls.

During the old quarter tour

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The first, We walked around the old quarter. Three boys liked flag of many countries over the world, so they bought ten flags other. But when they saw Chinese flag, right away they have shaken the head, them said: when they went to China and wanna booked a hotel, the Chinese hotel knew them from another country, right away cancel. I was so glad when they bought VN’s flag. A lot of time later, They wanted me led them to the history museum. Cause they walked a lot from the noon, so one boy wants to return hotel. They moved to thereby Uber car together. There is the first time, I have known that Chile and Mexico spoke two languages which were Spain and English.

The old quarter tour
History Museum

After finishing at the history museum.They wanted me took them to Ta Hien street to try beer corner in the old quarter,enjoy fresh beer cause before They asked me about local beer and I showed them about fresh beer so cheap (The prices are just five thousands dong) and It was so good. Then, we book Uber car to come back. We stepped around a few time to choose to stop place. We ordered many the cups of beer. They liked the way VN’s people screamed when drinking beer and wine. They wanted me taught them. Yeah, We shouted together 1,2,3 zoooo. Indeed they were so excited. After that they felt hungry, so we ordered BBQ to enjoy . Besides us, one boy sat alone. We invited him to join together.

The old quarter tour
We together drink beer

I seem drank not good. While everyone drank three cups of beer.I just drank a cup. We spent a lot of time here. But they didn’t want to come back hotel. They invited me went to another place to continue drinking fresh beers. But the time was quite late (7 p.m), so I had to say good-bye them. Before I went, the girl gave me one warm hug

The old quarter tour
Ta Hien ( street food )


I have a nice day with friends


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