Hanoi war sites tour

Hanoi war sites tour

In the morning of November 25th,2016, I had a tour with two guests from Germany. We together discoveredA�war sites tour .Next, we were to sightseeing the old quarter area

>> Hanoi Half day tour the old quarter

>> French quarter half day tour

Picked ups

I went to their hotel early 15 minutes … we had a short time to talk about our schedule . when I asked them about the culture and history, they said: NOTHING:3 but they already had time almost places in Hanoi. And they said;today, it was last day in Vietnam, so I decided to cross some places have good stories to share with them.

Hanoi war sites tour
Hoa Lo prison

During the Hanoi war sites tour

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On the ways we went to Hoa Lo prison, we talked about the work each other:3. They learned about economic, and they applied to the same company.They are Shipper. I also asked about the wars in Germany and the reasons why they dona��t like Communist Party. Sometimes, I felt shame because of they were right (IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE REASONS . PLEASE INBOX ME). When we visited Hoa Lo prison. I explained every thing at here. And I also told them about some terrible stories. They were quite sad ;they prove respect who fall for freedom.

Hanoi war sites tour
Ngoc Son temple

Then I came back Hoan Kiem lake to talked about a legend,Kim Mandarin,Ngoc Son temple,pen tower,Ly Thai To and role of him.After that,i took them to French quarter to see some buildings and tried ice-cream (taro Ice-cream)at Trang Tien street. Around us also had a ton of girls with AO DAI. We talked about the different things between Vietnam’s Girls and German’s Girls. (again).The tour was pretty good if we didn’t meet him. At there,i also shame because we met a dangerous boy.He asked us about practice English.We said OK. But when he spoke,it was terrible.He said us that he know everything about at here. But when I asked him about Legend ofA�Hoan Kiem Lake, he said: “I DONa��T KNOW ” Then,i tried to make the chance for him with some easy questions. BUT HE ALSO DIDNa��T KNOW . when i tried to help him,he said: “No ” also .He told us that hea��s from Australia and want to go Germany:3 I felt so nervous:3 What is the F things. My GUESTs felt bothered and they said stoped we had to go now :3. I felt pity for him so I have some idea with him. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE FRIEND WITH FOREIGNERS YOU HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT LEGEND AT HERE, HE SAID D D D. I DONa��T KNOW WHAT HE SAID. HE CANa��T DESCRIBE HIS IDEA SO HE SAID VN-ESE:3 WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT:3 HEa��S VIETNAMESE. HE SAID ( WHATa��S THE HELL THINGS THIS ??? ( I thought in my mind ). I said: we should be talked at here. I thought about him with big shame . after that.my guests said me:his mind is not good, he said wrong everything, and we cana��t understand. Of Course, I have to make apologies for them. Theya��re very kind, and they told me that The guy just wanted to learn E . ita��s ok. Dona��t mind with him . and we continued with the journey.

Hanoi war sites tour
Hoan Kiem Lake

Then we came back Bach Ma Temple and Quan Thanh temple. I wanted to lead them to get in, but we were not lucky, Ita��s not open until 2 pm. So we were stood outside to talked about the stories at here. Then we came back their hotel and finished tour


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