Hanoi half day tour the old quarter

Hanoi half day tour the old quarter

Vuong and Thao had a half tour the old quarter with a young couple from th USA.They are very friendly, we took them to discover famous place at the old quarter.

>> French quarter half day tour

>> Street food tour

Picking up.

I arrived at the hotel about 15 minutes early. When I entered the hotel, a male guest approached me and asked “Are you from HFWTs. After greeting and showing them the tripa��s schedule, they were so excited to start despite the cold weather.

Hanoi half day tour the old quarter
Saint Joseph Cathedral

During the old quarter tour

>> Our tour

Because their hotel was quite close to Saint Joseph Cathedral,we went there to visit before. Unfortunately, the church was closed for preparation of Christmas. So we visited outside of the church. Intrastate shared a lot of interesting stories about the Christian, about Western culture because he is a Christians but Sam is not.
Next, we visited an ancient house at 87 Ma May Street. They were very interested in the custom of ancestor worship in Vietnam so we talked something about reasons, ways to worship…

Hanoi half day tour the old quarter
White Horse Temple

Next destination was White Horse Temple. They listened intently when we talked about the legend as well as significant cultural features of Vietnam. When Nathan saw some real money (such as 500 vnd, 1000vnd…) on the altar and he asked me that: a�?They are used to burn for the dead, right?a�?. :))) It was a lovely confusion. 😀
And as usual, we took them to discover a small alley in the old city to help them have a deeper understanding about the real life of the residents in the Old Quarter. Now, they could see the differences between our city with 7 million people and their city with 7 thousand people.
We took a break at a coffee shop on Hang Gai where we could get a panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake. We enjoyed egg coffee, shared hobbies and talked about some special events in the world….We helped them draw up a travel schedule for next days in Hanoi. Incenditally, we met two members of the club with their guests in there. I did not remember their real names, so I called them by nick name on facebook. (Comeback and BinhBungBu). :)))

Hanoi half day tour the old quarter
Egg coffee

Then, we went to Hoan Kiem Lake and visited Ngoc Son Temple, Tower Pen Especially; Vuong had a long and attractive story about King Ly Thai To and Ly dynasty. On the other hand, I told Sam somethings about taking photos for the yearbook of students in Vietnam; the way artisans create toy figurine (tA? he) and the daily job of street artists and hawkers around the lake… Maybe Sam is an art teacher; she likes watching, finding out about the beauty of architecture and landscape rather than historical stories as her boyfriend.

Hanoi half day tour the old quarter
Ngoc Son Temple


we took a walk around the lake and then returned to the hotel to say goodbye. Our trip finished at 1 pm.


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