Hanoi free city full day tour

Hanoi free city full day tour

In December 29th, we had a tour full day with 2 guests from USA (Brandr Beekman and Ellner). They are a couple and favorite to travel. Thatday we helped them discovered popular destinations at Hanoi

>> The flag raising and lowering ceremony at Ba Dinh square

>> The ancient house

Picked guest

That was a my first full day tour, and I think that I didn’t have enough knowledge to complete a tour in war site places. Moreover, my partner was also a new member like me. So, I was under pressure a little bit at first. Luckily, during the tour, we always support each other, and our guests are very friendly. Thus everything became alright.
We went to the hotel on time and waited for them. When they arrived, we greeted and discussed a little about the places we would go. They are so cute as agreeing with everything we said and seeming to satisfy with it.

During Hanoi free city tour full day

Firstly, we came to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum by taxi. In there, we told them some stories about Uncle Ho in the past and showed them the reason why all Vietnamese people always consider him as the father of the country. They proved very excited about it and took a lot of pictures of things relating to Uncle Ho. Then we went to Hoa Lo Prison before moving to The Temple of Literature. They are quite interested in history and want to explore on their own, so we just told them some brief information. They observed about everything in the museum carefully, and Ellner said that she felt morose when knowing that the Vietnamese communist suffered such bad things.

 Hanoi free city full day tour
Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

Brandr said the American soldiers they did not want to invade other countries, the government had forced them. Coming to invade the other country also affected a lot on their freedom, their life, and their family. They even held a rally to oppose the government. We wanted to come to Hanoi Old Quater later, but we had a little time left, and Brandr had a few problems with booking flights to Saigon tomorrow. Additionally, he didn’t want us to wait for him, so he asked us to have a drink with Ellner while he fixed his trouble. Thus, Ellner and we came to CA?I?ng Cafe – a very beautiful place to have a drink. The drink is delicious, and the price is reasonable. It is at 4 Ly Thuong Kiet, P. Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem. Hope that it will help you.

 Hanoi free city full day tour
Temple of literature

We had an interesting conversation together. Ellner is originally from South Korea but she comes to live and studies in the United States since childhood. We discussed a few about the differences between the US and Korea. She said that she does not like Korea country even where is her native country. She also told me about the happily eleven years relationship of her and Brandr. They knew each other through social networks, chat together for nearly three years over the internet without knowing each other before they met and decided to marry. She told me their first meeting at the pizza shop. They choose not to have children and spend time on traveling together every year. Brandr is a pilot; he has been a lot of places in the world, and every time he comes to each interesting place he always plans to return there with his wife. Ellner also entices him to come to Korea when she discovers a particular location. Brandr has traveled more than ninety countries all. And this is the 4th time he goes back to Vietnam because of wanting to explore Vietnam with his wife. Ellner also arrived in nearly 30 countries around the world. A very beautiful story. Hope them be happy together forever

 Hanoi free city full day tour
Hoa Lo Prision


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We had a nice tour with 2 guests from US. They are extremely friendly!


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