Half day tour with the old quarter and french quarter


We picked guest up to go the old quarter, they are a young couple from Isreal. We took them to visit famous locations, we had a nice day with them together and had a lot of stories relegion

>> Hanoi the old quarter tour

>> Hanoi war sites tour

Picked up

I arrived no 50 Thanh Ha picked my guest up ealier 10 minutes. When I came to the hotel, my partner – he was checking information our guest. We sat to wait for them when I saw the name of guest in an email. I thought that, they from China . But, when our guest appeared I know i had mistake. Wow, they are a couple from Israel.

Half day tour with the old quarter and french quarter
Saint Joseph Cathedral

During the old quarter tour

>> Our tour

After we exchanged information. We began the tour at 2.05 pm; we took them to O Quan Chuong Gate and the pottery way. After that, we came back the old quarter and went to the Saint Joseph Cathedral, at here we shared information with them and took them into Cathedral. They said them from Jerusalem; It was very sanctuary with them. We continued to Hoan Kiem Lake; we said them about stories legend from Lake. On the way to the French Quarter area,we shared with each as habit, drink, the food, and they said the noodle soup of Vietnam was very well.

Half day tour with the old quarter and french quarter
Hoan Kiem Lake

We came to the Grand Opera House, after that we moved to the Metropole hotel, we took them in to visit and told them about history, role of the hotel. We went out Hotel and kept to the Garden Toad.We introduced them all French quarter with important constructions included Grand Opera House, Bank of Indochina, Metropole Hotel, Governor-general of Indochina house. Before, this area got French colonial and used for colonial administration with great constructions and luxurious.

Half day tour with the old quarter and french quarter
Metropole hotel

we continued to Ly Thai To Monument;we said to contribute of Ly Thai To in history Vietnam. Next place, we moved Ngoc Son temple. We introduced them to pen tower, principal of Ngoc Son temple in culture Vietnam. Until finished journey, We took to celebrate the photo on The-Huc bridge and recommend them to the food location to help to try the Vietnamese tradition food. Here, we said goodbye to them


We had a half day tour very funny.


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