French quarter half day tour


we had a half day tour with a family from the USA and we took them to the French quarter. Here, we introduced them as architecture, history, role of the French quarter area

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Picking up

Dang and I met each other at Bao Khanh street. We moved to The Palmy Hotel & Spa at 2 p.m to pick up our guests. But when we arrived at there, they had just gone out for lunch, so we had to wait for a few minutes. After 10 minutes they came back, this family came from the USA and had just arrived in Hanoi yesterday, and they were very excited to visit Hanoi. We suggested them to visit the Saint Joseph Cathedral at first then explore the French Quarter and come back to their hotel at the end of the tour.

French quarter half day tour
Saint Joseph Catherdral

During tour the French quarter

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Firstly, We come to visit The Saint Joseph Cathedral, we told them about the Church and some stalls where they can come at evening to get some drinks and chat together. They were very interested in the pictures on the wall behind the church. After that, We moved to Dong Xuan market, on the way to there, we talked about a lot of things such as Their life in San Francisco (They come from there); the traffics of Vietnam :))), where they had visiteda��etc

French quarter half day tour
Dong xuan market

At Dong Xuan market, they were very excited because there were very a lot of people and they looked all busy. They were very surprised when seeing some alive fishes, which were swimming and sold at the outside of the market. Then we come into the market, told them about the history, the items sold at there. They said they were very loved coffee and wanted to try some coffee in Hanoi. Certainly, wea��re happy to take them to 11 Hang Gai. When arriving at there, we recommended them the egg coffee, and then they complimented that the egg coffee was very delicious.
Thirdly, We come to the French Quarter, on the way to there, we visited the Sword Lake, we told them about the legend of the name Hoan Kiem lake; The husband seemed known about it and he could tell us the legend before us. Then we visited Hanoi Opera House, take some photos with them and talked about the USA.

French quarter half day tour
Hoan Kiem Lake


We took them to Ly Thai To Park, told them about King Ly Thai To and his decision moving the capital of Vietnam from Hoa Lu to Dai La (todaya��s Hanoi).Then they said they wanted to see water puppets so said goodbye to us.We also said goodbye to them and completed our half tour


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