Welcome Christmas season

Welcome Christmas season

Welcome Christmas reason. Although Christmas is not a public holiday in Vietnam, it has been received much recognition from the residents. From the beginning of December, Hanoia��s streets are all decorated with Noela��s patterns that create a festive environment helping any expats off being homesick on the night of Christmas. Hanoia��s weather also supports the day which is often cold and dry; the only missing factor for a perfect Noel is snow.Integrating with Hanoia��s festive environment, you can totally have fun for this Christmas if you are in Hanoi

>> The Flower Market

>> The Culture village Of Vietnamese ethnic

Hang Ma Street Welcome Christmas

Located in the heart of Hanoia��s Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street always catches up with the trend by selling ornaments in special events like International Childrena��s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Eve, Tet Holiday and Christmas. Anything you need to decorate your Christmas tree as well as gifts and greeting cards can easily be found here with low prices.
A long time ago, Hang Ma street together with the Dong Xuan Market,Ta Hien street, nowadays was pedestrian street, Saint Joseph Cathedral. Ita��s destination get many peoples to choose to visit the festival.Especially is young people and couples; ita��s suggesting for the Christmas season

Welcome Christmas season
Hang Ma street

Saint Joseph Cathedral

Praying in a church is indispensible for any Christian believer in the night of Christmas. Luckily, there are many churches around Hanoi in which ones may enjoy a wide variety of religious activities as well as hymns singing and other music performance. Among the churches around Hanoi, Saint Joseph Cathedral (40 Nha Trung Street, Hoan Kiem) should be the most magnificent and famous one. Besides, ones may visit Ham Long Church (21 Ham Long Street, Hoan Kiem)

Welcome Christmas season
Saint Joseph Cathedral

Music shows and parties

>> News and Events

On the night of Christmas or the night before,there are many fantastic music shows of many genres such as pop-ballad;classic or jazz occurring in Hanoi,especially the outside area of Hanoi Opera House and the inside as well.The themes of those shows are no doubt about Christmas.

Welcome Christmas season
Street music

Additionally,international organizations and universities and embassies usually organize Christmas party to welcome their native civilians and ones with the same interest to join and cheer up for the night.

Shopping malls with to process big sale in Christmas reason

Welcome Christmas season
Shopping mall

Because there is no Black Friday in Hanoi, Noel and New Year Eve are good chances for shopping malls launching their biggest promotional campaign of the year which shocking sale off and hundreds of new arrivals. Parson, Vincom Plaza Tower, Ruby Plaza and Garden Mall are the most remarkable shopping centers in Hanoi. Dona��t miss this golden opportunity to pick up one or two most trendy pieces of fashion.


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