The culture village of Vietnamese ethnic

The village culture of Vietnamese ethnic

TheA�culture villiage of Vietnamese ethnic together Ethnology Museum. That is the second destination get too many people’s favorite; there are all peoples will have a chance to discover the culture, custom, lifestyle of 54 ethnic Vietnam.

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About information culture village of Vietnamese Ethnic

The tourism and culture village of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups in Dong Mo on the outskirts of Hanoi is the place where typical values of 54 ethnic minority groups of Vietnam are recreated. Since its operation began in 2010, the village has become an attractive destination for tourists.

The village culture of Vietnamese ethnic
The House on stilt

Over the past five years, the village has attracted more than 900,000 visitors and researchers. It has organized several recreational activities including cow racing of the Bay Nui (Seven Mountain) region of southern An Giang province, the Khau Vai love market of northern Ha Giang province, the Ok Om Bok Festival, a southern floating market and northern mountain market sessions. These activities have inspired thousands of visitors. Nguyen Van Tuan is a visitor from Quang Ninh province: a�?The village is a useful playground for people who are interested in Vietnamese culture. I find the village very beautiful. The complex of the Khmer ethnic minority people is especially magnificenta�?.

The village culture of Vietnamese ethnic
Cow racing festival

Activity of culture village

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Visitors to the culture village will have chances to experience interesting activities. They can attend festivals and learn about traditional customs of different ethnic groups such as the prayer ceremonies for peace and favourable weathers of the Lo Lo ethnic group of Ha Giang, the rice worshipping ceremony of the Brau group in Kon Tum, the horse races of the Mong group of Bac Ha, and the new crop celebration of the San Chay group of Phu Tho. All of them are realistically recreated in the village. Lam Van Khang, Deputy Director of the Management Board of the culture village:a�?The tourism and culture village of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups enjoys several advantages. It is only 40 km from Hanoi, about 30 minutes by car. It covers an area of more than 1,500 ha, of which 900 ha is a lake and the rest is forests and mountain. The landscape here is beautiful and romantic. The village is just one of the many tourist destinations west of Hanoia�?.

The village culture of Vietnamese ethnic
Buffalo kill Festival

Today, the culture village is a popular destination for recreation, sports, and cultural activities . It continues to promote the cultural values of Vietnama��s ethnic minorities.


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