Hanoi Free Day Tours joining the Hanoi 13th Run for Children


a�?Run for childrena�? is an annual event in Hanoi, Vietnam, held by the co-operation between the Embassy of Canada in Vietnam, the Hanoi Peoplea��s Committee, The Hanoi Union of Friendship Association (VCFA), the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CanCham), Manulife Vietnam and Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi.hanoi

The event is a time for all organizations in Hanoi as well as the whole society to show their commitment to disadvantaged children suffering from cancer and congenital heart diseases. The activity will also contribute to promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the Canadian and Vietnamese people, as both countries look forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2013.

The 13th a�?Run for childrena�?, took place at Thien Quang lake on December 2nd, directed by Hanoi peoplea��s committee. This social event was sponsored by bigs corporation locating in Hanoi, such as VP Bank Securities, Elite Fitness, Pacific Place, KPMG, Metropole, Coca Cola…, and also received a lot of concern from government and city leaders, celebrities, universities and high school students, companies, non-profit organizations, the international community and the general public in Hanoi. Eventhough this time in Hanoi is the early winter and the event held in a raining day, so many people appeared before the proper time and expressed their excitement about this event. They showed their concern for those poor children by buying T-shirt from the program, then their money will be contributed to charity organizations.

It is honour for members ofA�Hanoi Free Day Tours to have chance of being supporters for the event. According to the organizera��s requirement, we did appear quite early in the morning, at 5.45am despite the awful weather. The supportersa�� task was to bring the name board of all the sponsors for the program, so that participants from these organizations could get together at a certain place easily.

The opening ceremony started with the introduction the representatives of the organizers and sponsors , followed by a governmenta��s representativesa�� speech.

Coming was the main activity of the event: a�?Runninga�?. But before that all the participants attended enthusiastically in a warming-up dance guided by Elite Fitness.

After warming up people start running, there were approximately one thousand people attend the race. Although all the supporters were not required to run but we did fall in line with thousand of people.

a�?Running for childrena�? is such a significant social event, it raise our awareness about the social responsibility, the health care issues and the ill-fated children in Vietnam. It is also a chance for us to build the relationship with those organizations concerning about voluntary works. We are looking forward to next yeara��s event.


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