The snacks of winter in Hanoi (end)

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (end)

    Winter in HanoiA�is very special season even without snow,it makes people closer, people can find temporary shelter for the warmth of life source. Hawkers with fire and hot grilled food, which tastes better when it is cooler is ideal for any food lovers.The following is a list of some of the most typical snacks that have become a part of winter in Hanoi

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    1. Vietnamese sticky rice and sweet soup.

    Hot sticky rice and sweet soup may be neglected during the scorching summer days, but it turns out to be a good fit during such a hard-to-please weather in winter with powerful appeal to any empty stomach every early morning or late afternoon. No matter it is black or green bean sweet soup, with sticky rice coated with mung bean, the dish creates a perfect combination.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (end)
    Vietnamese sticky rice and sweet soup
    1. Hot floating cake soup for winter in hanoi

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    Hot floating cake soup is another specialty of Hanoi with the most traditional stalls belonging to The Old Quarter, 30 Hang Giay street. Though cheap, the special floating cake with black sesame or green bean inside and indispensable coconut shreds will comfort even the most difficult taster. It is also because of the aroma of ginger soup wafting in the air that attracts any passer-by. That explains why the kind of cake is favored whenever a new wave of north-east monsoon comes.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (end)
    Hot floating cake soup
    1. Ice-cream

    Ice cream seems to be a must-try thing for its fan in the winter. 35 Trang Tien street is an ideal place to enjoy yourself the most genuine flavor of Hanoi ice cream. Just a mouthful of fresh ice cream with its crunchy cone can cause you feel like the inside of your head (or brain) has frozen. Besides you can also try coconut cream served directly inside a coconut somewhere in Thanh Nien street, and another one with beautiful view in Hang Than street, Old Quarter area.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (end)
    Fresh Ice-Cream



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