Pho - Hanoi


Like many other vegetarian dishes, the vegetarian a�?phoa�?-Hanoi is completely made from various kinds of vegetation. In order to cook a good bowl of vegetarian , it requires the makers to be very skillful and sophisticated. Similar to many other kinds, the bouillon used for the dish is very crucial, and actually, it is the deciding factor.


When a�?phoa�? becomes more special

If other kinds of bouillon are cooked from bone or meat, the sweet flavor of the bouillon in vegetarian a�?phoa�? is created from sugar a�� cane, beet, carrot, sweet fennel, field mushrooma�� and some medicinal herbs. The step of choosing ingredients for the dish is quite flexible, since it all depends on the makers. However, it is very important to make sure that all kinds of bulbs and vegetables are fresh and moderate.
Delicious Pho
The bulbs and vegetables are cleaned and cut into pieces with medium size. Chop sugar a�� cane into medium chunks also. Green onion, coriandum sativa, ginger, pepper, chili are also needed for the dish. Since all vegetation used for the bouillon will be well a�� cooked quite quickly, they need to be embalmed well and stewed in approximate time so that they will not lose their natural colors and some vitamins as well as not be broken.


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